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Eski Beige Limestone is a natural stone extensively used in construction and design. That is primarily mined in Turkey and can also be referred to as Eski Bej Limestone. As Eski Beige Limestone is recognized for its rich and natural hues, which grant it its unique characteristics, it is an appealing choice for indoor and outdoor applications.

Eski Beige boasts plenty of perks, like being appropriate for areas with significant foot traffic, as it is robust, long lasting, scratch- and chip-resistant. Aggressive or acidic detergents shouldn't be utilized as they may destroy the stone. Just wipe the surface using a soft cloth or mop and mild soap or stone-specific solution to preserve it appearing flawless. Stone, while enhancing its stain resistance, periodic sealing is also recommended. It is an attractive and versatile natural stone alternative that could provide an assortment of architectural and design endeavors with a traditional yet sophisticated appeal.

Uses: It can be utilized as flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, dining tops, kitchen islands, and various other aesthetic features.
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