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Form Monochrome Stellar Matt Porcelain Tiles are white and black monochromatic Porcelain tiles. Highly patterned tiles with stellar multi-sided. Imprinted features on the tiles make them unique, and the descending side and ascending sides, while the ends of the tile meet, give a paper fan impression. Imprinted stellar-like matt-finished porcelain tile will enhance the floors, walls, and other surfaces. At first glance, it feels like a wallpaper print, so it is highly appreciated for illustrative and artistic home purposes. Kaolinite, clay, feldspar, and sand are the primary elements in Porcelain Tile making. Its patterned tops do not reflect light but absorb light because of the matt finished layer. Form Monochrome Stellar Matt Porcelain Tiles are translucent, hardened, and resist heat and impact, which is why it is used for kitchen backsplashes, and wall clads and is extremely easy to clean. Avail this wonderful monochromatic white and black stone is available in 8MM thicknesses. 

Uses: Form Monochrome Stellar Matt Porcelain Tiles on kitchen walls, bathroom walls, vintage walls, porticos, facades, backsplashes, clads, living rooms, accents, nearby foyers, office panels, feature walls, and many other surfaces. 
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