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An immaculate black stone sporting a gleaming surface, Jet Black Bookmatch Ceramic is exceedingly adaptable concerning style and application. It is accessible in slabs with characteristic sizes and smooth surfaces. We provide these Jet Black Bookmatch Ceramic countertops in 3 standard thicknesses: 6MM, 12MM, and 20MM. For a slender and futuristic artist in the cooking area or any other space, the Jet Black Ceramic is a fantastic solution. Along with kitchens and baths, it is an outstanding option in several commercial and professional environments due to its non-porousness, resistance to stains, repellent to moisture, and superb durability.

Usage encompasses splashbacks throughout the kitchen and bathroom as well as kitchen counters, islands, windowsills, upstands, sinks, and shower enclosures in baths. Office desks, bar chairs, reception work surfaces, stairs, walls and flooring at airports are a couple of additional options.

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The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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