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This granite is from South Africa. The textures run across like flowing water and like clouded patches – capable of inspiring you to design with it. It is also described to be strands of Angel feathers left in the world, further, it possess noble quality, elegant look and graceful feel. The thickness ranges from 15 mm to 39 mm, etc. The style edges: Blue Nose, Ogee, Bevel, Eased, Polish, etc.

As, an indoor and outdoor one, make floors, stair steps, exterior wall claddings – but for professionally designed projects. Making it a careless/ causal choice will bring odd looks. 

They are brushed, Honed, and polished to suit your application area and means of application. Your design concept can include, kitchen tops, bathroom vanity tops, swimming pool coping, etc with it. Innumerable design concepts possible with it, allow one for you.