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Pink Onyx is a prettiest pastel pink shade with a graceful cloudy white motifs which makes the appearance more appealing. Pink Onyx has always been the sociable slab for the commercial and residential buildings. Pink Onyx is a captivating and rare variety of onyx often features the bands or swirls. It belongs to the cryptocrystalline quartz family and is characterized by its fine crystal structure, making it smooth and lustrous when polished. The unique colour patterns in Pink Onyx are the result of mineral impurities, particularly iron oxide, that infuse the stone with shades of pink. Pink Onyx has a translucent nature which helps the homeowners to make grooves to have built-in lights.

Applications: Pink Onyx could be used for the kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, backsplashes, sinks and others etc.

Thickness: 20MM.
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