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River White granite from India contains white and grey grain variations with small, deep burgundy patches. River White Granite is a lovely granite colour with a constant pattern of white, grey, black, and burgundy. Dots and staining, as well as grey and black streaks, will be the colours of this countertop material. River White granite is a bright white granite with crimson or burgundy streaks and patches.

To prevent staining, this material will need to be sealed every six months to a year. Sealing River White Granite countertops will keep them shiny and will prevent etching or beginning to fade. Light-colored granites are more prone to staining. River White can be perfected with ease. This material is extremely durable, and regardless of the finish you choose for your countertop, you will have the same long-lasting material. This type of finish is uncommon. Because the pores of the stone are more exposed, pointed worktops tend to stain much more easily.

River White Granite is an excellent choice for your kitchen, particularly if you have white, dark wood, or light grey cabinetry. River White looks especially good with white cabinets. Because of variations in grain and colour, and the fact that a small sample of River White granite may not be representative of the entire slab, sample samples must be approved for large projects in order to ensure that all blocks are taken from the same quarry face for framework purposes.

A clear epoxy resin filler can be used during the polishing process to fill in any micro-cracks or small pits, although this has no effect on the stone's structure and only produces an even smoother surface quality. River White granite is appropriate for both interior and exterior use, as well as being frost-resistant and polishable on a regular basis.

Application: Kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, backsplash, fireplace, shower surround, flooring, outdoor kitchen countertop, etc.

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