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Sahara Noir Bookmatch Ceramic is a ceramic Tile inspired by Tunisia's dramatic black Marble. It is about 12 mm thick and boasts a big slab size of 1620x3240 mm. The rich black of the backdrop and its unique brilliant veining are represented in the natural finish's material texture, emphasising the tile's colours. Sahara Noir Bookmatch is a multifunctional Tile that may be utilised for countertops, cladding, and flooring, among other applications. It is an effective and persistent substitute as it is also impervious to damage, stains, and scratches. The bookmatch feature will add an interesting touch to virtually any living area. It can lend an aesthetic of richness and sophistication to any space. It is an excellent pick for areas with significant traffic, like kitchens and bathrooms, since it is a very durable Tile.

Applications include kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors, wall cladding, table tops, dining tables, islands in kitchens, and commercial and residential settings.
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