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Statuarietto Rectified Porcelain Tiles feature a white backdrop that is rich with dispersed veins of varied thicknesses in grey, as authentic as the original Statuarietto marble tile. Most veins appear faint while some are thick in size and occasionally dark. That being said, Statuarietto Rectified Porcelain Tiles is a Marble-effect tile that will surely add durability and beauty to any area. These popular marble-look tiles are offered by Work-tops in a wide range of choices in different tile formats. 

They thus come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses according to formats.

These tiles may be used for both residential and commercial uses.

Finish: Honed, Polished 

Thickness: 9mm, 10mm

Uses: Bathroom, Floor, Kitchen, Living Room, Wall, Splashbacks

In view of the current pandemic situation the container cost will be slightly different from the regular pricing in this material.

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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From the tile to the tiled floor or wall

The difference between the tile and the tiled surface is the same as that between a fabric and garment. Suitable, good quality material is required in order to make a garment, but it is not enough. The assistance of a good designer and tailor are also required. Similarly, in order to create a well tiled surface, good quality and well chosen tiles are required but are not enough: an expert designer and a good tile fixer are also required. In the hands of a designer/tiler (many individuals do both jobs), the tiles become like the material in the hands of the tailor/designer: The essential or raw material. When can one safely say that surface has been “well tiled”?

Regular and harmonious: it is flat, with no bumps or hollows, the grouting is straight and regular, with no appreciable difference in level across joints;

Whole: without adhesion failures of the tiles and breakings;

Long lasting: it will perform its aesthetic and functional tasks for a long period without deteriorating under the stress to which it is subject;

Tile patterns

Here you will find ideas of how to lay your tiles using one, two or even more sized tiles together. Before starting make sure that your tiles all have the same calibre and are of the same shade batch number. Then pick a suitable layout for your chosen tiles.

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