Cost Of Barocco Granite Kitchen In The UK

Cost Of Barocco Granite Kitchen In The UK

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How Much Does Barocco Granite Kitchen Cost?

Barocco Granite has intriguing designs and a wide variety of earthy colours. It's a fantastic choice for worktops, floors, and other types of interior design.

This brown granite has swirling patterns and delicate gold veining, which give it a luxurious and traditional appeal.

It serves as a top option for individuals wishing to add a touch of grandeur to their interior spaces because of its robustness and unique appearance.

Origin And Composition Of This Brown Granite

Origin And Composition Of This Brown Granite

Brazil is the major mining location for Barocco Granite. Brazil's granite quarries have a reputation for generating a wide range of superior granite varieties, including Barocco.

Quartz, feldspar, and mica are the three principal minerals that make granite. It typically has a lot of quartz, which renders it strong and resilient.

Deep browns, beige, and traces of gold are among the earthy tones that Barocco Granite blends. From one slab to another, the particular colour variations could be different.

It possesses a unique visual appeal because of its widely recognised, gorgeous, and sensitive veining patterns.

Check How Barocco Looks When Installed

Check How Barocco Looks When Installed

Here is one of our spectacular Customer Kitchens designed using Barocco Granite.

There, we provided both a kitchen countertop and a kitchen island for the client. The strong veins and dark shades give the kitchen a fantastic touch.

We have both 20 mm and 30 mm thickness available and we offer polished as well as vintage finish.

For more countertop material collections, Contact Us.

Why Do Experts Recommend Barocco Granite For Homes?

Why Do Experts Recommend Barocco Granite For Homes

Sophisticated Veining

Barocco Granite stands out from other stone types due to its complicated and amazing veining patterns. These unusual designs create an appealing and unique visual appeal.


With its special colour and pattern combination, it can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes, including flooring, backsplashes, kitchen counters, and even walls as accents. It is distinguished due to its flexibility in design applications

Vintage Decor

Barocco’s physical appearance gives it an advantage of being one of the classic stones that one could install in their homes. Those fond of the traditional touch for their properties will benefit from this brown granite installation.

Sturdy And Endurable

When we renovate our homes, we do it with the expectation that it requires zero or almost no maintenance. For those that have busy lifestyles will be relaxed to know that Bracocco among many granites is one such stone choice that requires almost no maintenance. Its sturdy nature makes it resistant to scratches, stains and chips.

Using Barocco Granite For Kitchen Countertop?

Using Barocco Granite For Kitchen Countertop

Barocco works as an excellent fit for granite kitchen countertops. Here are a few reasons why it is:

  • Barocco Granite is an outstanding choice because of its intricate veining and rich earthy tones. In contrast with typical countertop materials, it gives your kitchen an aura of opulence and originality.

  • It is ideal for preparing meals due to its seamless, non-porous texture. Being void of microbes, it is a clean and safe choice for the kitchen.

  • Granite countertops require minimal maintenance. The stone will look its finest and remain safe from scratches and stains with regular sealing.

  • Its colour will help mask stains naturally.

Barocco Granite For Home Improvement

Barocco Granite for Home Improvement

As Backsplashes

Create a stunning backsplash with Barocco in your kitchen or bathroom. Vibrant colours and complicated veining can integrate with and strengthen the overall design.

Wall Accent

Employ Barocco Granite to cover any number of walls in your living room, bedroom, or business space to make a visual impact.

Outdoor Employment

This brown granite can be used for outdoor applications such as patio surfaces, kitchen counters, and structural roofing.


For a striking and opulent appearance in spaces like entryways, restrooms, or living rooms, choose Barocco Granite as the flooring material. Because of its toughness, it will sustain high foot traffic.

Contact 0330 113 5868 or email for expert advice.

Which Colours Compliment Barocco Granite Decor?

Which Colours Compliment Barocco Granite Decor

Pleasant Gold

Warm gold accents or fittings can complement the gold highlights in the granite, resulting in a unified and opulent appearance.


The warm and earthy tones of Barocco pair wonderfully with crisp white. White accents, walls, and cabinets provide a tidy and timeless contrast.


Shades of grey, from light grey to charcoal, may produce a contemporary and elegant effect. Grey provides elegance and depth when paired with Barocco Granite.


Soft cream or ivory tones can offer a slight contrast while keeping your space's ambiance warm and welcoming.

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Tips For Long Lasting Granite Kitchen

Tips For Long Lasting Granite Kitchen

Daily Maintenance

Frequently wipe down your granite surfaces with a moist, soft cloth or a microfiber cloth To get rid of dust and scraps that may dull the surface.

Use Cutting Boards

When handling hot pots, pans, or knives that are pointy, always make sure that you’re using trivets and/or cutting boards. Cutting directly on the surface of granite might cause scratches or other damage.

Practice Granite Resealing

Depending on the frequency of your use, a granite worktop requires sealing once every one to three years. Sealing granite ensures that your worktop is safe from stains. You can use drops of water to see if your granite needs to be resealed. The sealer is intact if the water beads up. It's time to reseal if it seeps through the stone.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How Much Will A Barocco Granite Kitchen Cost?

A standard sized kitchen worktop with island and splashback will cost you around £7000 including material, template, and installation if you want to use Barocco. This figure will vary depending on your requirements like size, edges, corners, cutouts, location, etc.

  • How Does A Barocco Granite Look?

The normal coloration of Barocco is a blend of gold, brown, beige, and cream hues with dark veining and sporadic flashes of grey or black.

  • Is Barocco Granite Suitable For Bathroom Use?

Yes, Barocco Granite is appropriate for flooring, shower surrounds, and bathroom vanities due to its resilience to moisture.

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