Royal Blue Granite: A Regal Pick For Your Home

Royal Blue Granite: A Regal Pick For Your Home

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Royal Blue Granite is a naturally occurring stone known for its gorgeous deep blue colour with intricate designs and mineral deposits. Due to its appealing grace and longevity, it is a popular option for countertops, flooring, and multiple interior and exterior uses.

The presence of certain feldspar forms, along with additional trace minerals, is often what gives it its distinctive deep blue colour.

Popularly Called Blue Pearl Granite

This Royal Blue Granite is popularly known as Blue Pearl Granite. Every single slab of this blue granite has unique patterns and characteristics caused by variations in the mineral composition and the geological processes that occurred during its formation.

Homeowners love using this slab for their property renovations because it is now a rare material, hence they want something exotic for them.

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Royal Blue Granite: Vintage To Contemporary

Royal Blue Granite: Vintage To Contemporary

Royal Blue Granite could potentially be incorporated into traditional and futuristic designs for architecture because of its versatility and timeless appeal.

It has an everlasting appeal that transcends design trends with its deep blue tones and fascinating patterns.

Revive Vintage Charm With Royal Blue Granite Installation

Vintage design aesthetics are eternal in the discipline of house decorating. Consider Royal Blue Granite's outstanding grace if you're looking to provide your living spaces with a classic, antique vibe.

Let’s give you some ideas on where you could install this slab:

Classic Kitchen Surfaces

Blue Pearl Granite countertops become the centre of attention in a vintage-inspired kitchen. To create a kitchen that takes you to a bygone time frame, blend them with vintage-style faucets, antique hardware, and classic cabinetry.

Elegant Hearths

Make your fireplace surround using Royal Blue Granite to create an eye-catching feature in the living area or bedroom. The deep blue tones and intricate veining offer your retro-inspired home a sense of value.

Dining Area With A Vintage Feel

Consider a Royal blue granite surface for your dining room. It makes your meals and gatherings seem cosy and stylish when used alongside conventional seating and dinnerware items.

Is Royal Blue Granite Suitable for Modern Designs?

Is Royal Blue Granite Suitable for Modern Designs

Royal Blue a.k.a. Blue Pearl Granite, is not just limited to classic interiors. It can be an unforeseen and enticing addition to modern decoration when paired with the correct elements. Its vibrant blue tones and distinctive textures allow it to be complemented with similar tone lighting pendants and sinks for stunning coherence. Royal Blue can be elegantly integrated into modern design schemes, providing your modern living spaces with an impression of perfection and originality.

Gorgeous Minimalist Kitchen

Royal Blue Granite countertops can serve as an attractive feature in modern kitchens. The stark disparity between the dark-coloured stone and the plain cabinetry provides the area with a fashionable and appealing aspect.


Employ Blue Pearl Granite as a decorative element in your modern interior design. As a tabletop for a modern dining table, for instance, or as an accent wall.

Wall Panelling

In modern interior designs, use Royal Blue Granite as a wall covering. It can give bedrooms, living rooms, and even home offices a stylish and professional look.

Why Does Blue Granite Stand Out From Others?

Why Does Blue Pearl Granite Stand Out From Others

  • Blue Pearl Granite is distinctive and striking in its vivid royal blue hue. In contrast to common granite colours like black, white, or beige, it represents a striking and luxurious choice.

  • It is not as common as other types of granite. Due to its rarity, it is a sought-after alternative for people wishing to make an impact with their style.

  • In addition to its appearance, Royal Blue Granite has all the advantages of natural stone, such as endurance, simple care, and durability to damage.

  • The resale value of your property could rise if you use a Royal Blue slab. Your home might seem more enticing to buyers due to its curb appeal and uniqueness.

How to Enhance Your Royal Blue Granite's Beauty?

How to Enhance Your Royal Blue Granite's Beauty

Lighting fixtures

A key factor in bringing out the beauty of your Royal Blue Granite is lighting. A unified design may be achieved by using wall sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lights with metal finishes that complement your stone design.

Tableware & Crockery

Choose dinnerware and utensils that compliment the rich blue tones of the Royal Blue Granite in your dining room. However, colourful dishes may brighten up the scene, and white or silvery table settings can offer an exquisite contrast.


Ornament your home with ornamental items like vases, sculptures, or artwork that include complementary hues of blue so that they will blend smoothly with the pearl blue.

Guidelines For Maintaining Granite

  • Use a pH-balanced stone cleaner or a solution of warm water and a few drops of gentle dish soap to regularly wash off the surface. The use of abrasive or acidic cleansers should be avoided, as they may harm the stone.

  • Royal Blue Granite needs to be sealed frequently. Usage and contact with feasible staining substances are two variables that affect how often sealing must be done.

  • Even though Blue Pearl Granite is scratch-proof, using cutting boards while cutting or slicing is an ideal way to safeguard the granite and your utensils.

  • Be mindful not to stand, sit, or place any heavy objects on the granite countertop, even though it is a highly sturdy slab, as negligence may cause it to break.

Royal Blue Granite Kitchen Installed For Our Customer In London

Royal Blue Granite Kitchen Installed For Our Customer In London

We recently installed blue pearl granite for one of our valued customers in London. It was a 30mm kitchen with a massive island and kitchen countertop.

We have both 20 mm and 30 mm granite which can be offered in various finishes.

Be impressed with the kitchens that we installed recently by checking them out here.

Some Of Our Fascinating Granite Collection Which Resembles Royal Blue Granite

Fascinating Granite Collection Which Resembles Royal Blue Granite

  • Surf Green Granite

Surf Green Granite has flavorful green undertones that exemplify the worktop's profound elegance. The 20-mm, and 30-mm slabs gracefully intertwine into living quarters. It came with a polished finish.

  • Azul Platino Granite

Azul Platino Granite from Spain is a grey and white slab granite with a low variation that complements all interiors and design elements in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.

  • Imperial Red Granite

Imperial Red Granite is a coarse-grained granite that has dramatic red themes with highlights of blue accented throughout the black and beige. It comes with two thickness variations and a polished finish.




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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why Is Royal Blue Granite So Expensive?

The rarity and appealing beauty of Royal Blue Granite is the reason behind its cost. Its enduring nature makes it worth investing in for your property renovations.

  • Is Royal Blue Granite Suitable For Outdoor Usage?

Royal Blue Granite can be used outdoors, but to maintain its durability and charisma, it has to be properly sealed, maintained, and taken into account for particular outdoor use.

  • Is Blue Pearl Granite The Same As Royal Blue?

Blue Pearl Granite is another name of Royal Blue Granite. You may install these for kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, fire hearth, splashbacks, outdoors, etc.

  • Where In The Architecture Of Homes Does Royal Blue Granite Most Often Show Up?

It is frequently employed for flooring, backsplashes, countertops, and other applications.

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