Blue Onyx For Backlit Wall Design Interior

Blue Onyx For Backlit Wall Design Interior

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A magnificent and exotic natural stone, Blue Onyx, is used frequently in interior design and illuminated aesthetic wall applications. We have slabs that are 20 mm thick and are only utilized for interior purposes: flooring, walling, worktops, splashbacks, living rooms, hallways, murals, bathroom vanity, etc. Registration counters, bar counters, fitness centres, spas, and wall coverings are other surfaces that can be created with onyx stone to become a centrepiece in any environment. The finest slabs of Blue Onyx vary in shade from sky blue to deep blue, depending on the quantities in stock. Email Now To Book This Demanded Stone.

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Blue Onyx Interior Design That Gives You A Lavish Look:

Blue Onyx Interior Design

Blue Onyx Backsplash

Pair onyx countertops with a matching blue onyx backsplash. This creates a seamless and elegant look. Ensure proper lighting to enhance the stone's natural beauty.

Feature Wall

Cover one living room or bedroom wall with blue onyx slabs to create a striking feature wall. It will add depth and luxury to the space.


Blue onyx can be used for flooring in specific areas, such as the foyer or a formal dining room. The polished surface can be stunning, but it may require maintenance to keep it looking its best.


Use blue onyx as lampshades, pendants, or a decorative piece. The stone's translucent quality makes it backlit, creating a warm, inviting ambience.


Incorporate blue onyx into furniture design. A coffee table, side table, or even a fireplace mantel made from blue onyx can be functional and visually impressive.

Bathroom Vanity

A blue onyx bathroom vanity can make a strong statement. Pair it with luxurious fixtures and accessories to complete the look.

Book Blue Onyx Stone For Backlit Wall Design

Book Blue Onyx Stone For Backlit Wall Design

Onyx Stone is currently in high demand from homeowners and interior designers due to its outstanding project and design possibilities. The other types of stone that can also be used for illuminated designs include marble and, in some cases, quartzites and granites that include luminescent quartz crystals.

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Luxurious Blue Onyx That Adds A Lavish Look:

Luxurious Blue Onyx That Adds A Lavish Look:

Among the stone groups that are popularly chosen for backlighting, interiors are onyx. Its crystalline structure and exceptional aesthetics produce unrivalled surroundings that look mystical and elegant. Stones given backlit designs can be preferred to make furniture like dining tables, reception worktops, bar tops, splashbacks, facades, etc, that uplift a corporate space or kitchen.

Stone Varieties That Will Impress You:

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Sky Blue Onyx is a captivating natural stone renowned for its exquisite beauty. Too similar to a clear sky and cottony cloud like pattern. Its unique mix of translucent blue and white veining creates a mesmerising appearance, especially when backlit.… read more





Green Mosaic Onyx is a unique mosaic-like slab that looks like image collage of numerous picture frames. The slab has maximum of green tone mingled with beige, cream, orange and other colours. As with other onyx stones, Green Mosaic Onyx… read more





Pink Onyx is a prettiest pastel pink shade with a graceful cloudy white motifs which makes the appearance more appealing. Pink Onyx has always been the sociable slab for the commercial and residential buildings. Pink Onyx is a captivating and… read more


Remember That Onyx Maintenance Is More Complex

Remember That Onyx Maintenance Is More Complex

Slabs of Onyx are reactive and fragile, so surfaces made of Blue Onyx are just as complicated to maintain as beautiful as their looks. It is thus hardly ever used in kitchens and baths since it is difficult to install and requires constant upkeep to maintain its beautiful appearance. Even though it shares many characteristics with other natural stones, it could be stronger. Fibreglass can be placed at the base of the onyx material to increase its strength, although it may still be vulnerable to abrasion and splitting. It is attractive due to its beauty and transparency. Yet, it still needs to be more beneficial in the long run as the elements in onyx stone are sensitive to acids and bases, which will cause an oxidation process and essentially destroy the worktop. You can't simply install a Blue Onyx stone worktop and call it finished. Whether in a spa, kitchen, bar, or shower room, the surface must be treated before installation. To prevent abrasions and discolouration, use designated stone cleaning products periodically. If you intend to use the worktop frequently, include the expense of getting it occasionally polished to keep it looking good. For these and other reasons, kitchen surfaces are only a great choice if you can keep up with regular maintenance. However, it does create a stunning splashback and flooring.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Is Blue Onyx?

Blue Onyx is a natural stone characterized by its blue hues and intricate veining. It is often used in interior design for countertops, backsplashes, and decorative elements due to its luxurious and unique appearance.

  • How Do You Care For Blue Onyx Surfaces?

To maintain Blue Onyx surfaces, clean them regularly with a pH-balanced stone cleaner, avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, and promptly wipe up spills to prevent staining. Resolving Blue Onyx periodically is essential to protect its beauty and integrity.

  • Where Can I Use Blue Onyx In My Home?

Blue Onyx can be used for countertops, backsplashes, feature walls, flooring, bathroom vanities, and decorative accents. It's a versatile stone that can create a luxurious atmosphere in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and other interior spaces.

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