Incredible Range of Azul Bateig Limestone for Unique Floors

Incredible Range of Azul Bateig Limestone for Unique Floors

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Azul Bateig Limestone is a blue-grey limestone quarried in Valencia, Spain. It is also known as Piedra Bateig Azul, Piedra Novelda Azul, and Bateig Blue Limestone. Azul Bateig Limestone can be used for exterior and interior due to its flexible structure. It can be used for wall coverings, pool capping, Flooring, stair coverings, paving, window sills, fireplace construction, ornamental design construction, fountain and sink construction, kitchen and bathroom countertops, bar tops, countertops, and a variety of other special design and project purposes. If you want to include a grey tone with blue touches in its texture in your environment, Azul Bateig Limestone is a good choice. We have 20- and 30-mm thicknesses with a honed surface that perfectly fits into every living space.




Azul Bateig Limestone is a natural product with such a delicate light grey background that has subtle blue markings and veining throughout its surface that has random green tints. The limestone surface structure plays with light inside a delicate and… read more


Is Limestone a Pure Natural Stone Surface? View in Detail:

Limestone is a naturally occurring substance that improves and looks better as it ages and matures. It is a type of rock formed by the gradual sedimentation of bits of marine organisms, such as shells, coral, or foraminifera, into dirt layers that eventually harden into limestone over thousands of years. Some limestones, known as travertine, do not contain these grains and are established by the chemical precipitation of calcite or aragonite, which is common near mineral hot springs.

The longer limestone tends to take to form, the more beautiful the exterior details once cut into the slabs for worktops. Some limestone slabs have been embedded with fossils, offering the worktop surface even more natural beauty and individuality.

Marble is a form of limestone that has become even harder due to pressure and heat in the earth's layers. As a result, limestone has a similar look to marble and can produce the same dramatic effect.

Bring Out Some of the Uses Of Grey Limestone

Grey Limestone

Bateig blue limestone is a natural stone commonly used as an ornamental or building material. Its petrology and physical properties make it suitable for various uses, such as walls, Flooring, furniture, and cladding solutions.

  • Because of its appearance and colour, Grey limestone can create stunning contrasts with other materials, such as face bricks. Furthermore, combining other natural stone kinds and finishes produces stunning colour combinations.

  • Azul Bateig Limestone is a homogeneous material that can be used inside and outside. As a result, it is frequently used in facade cladding and exterior areas such as terraces. However, it may also be found in other interior elements such as floors or furniture.

  • It is also necessary to mention grey limestone bathrooms, which feature impressive bathtubs, minimalist sinks, and elegant cupboards. Stone is a durable, beautiful, and adaptable material which may be combined with other classic materials.

  • Finally, Azul Bateig Limestone is versatile and can be utilized in various ways. Its physical properties make it a great material for interior decoration. Most of the time, the results are unique, creative, and outstanding. The above material should be considered if you want to create amazing colour combinations.

Try out Some Honed Bateig Limestone Designs for Your Home:

One of the most well-known Bateig limestone finishes, honed Flooring has a smooth surface and a matte or satin finish. It does have a slightly polished appearance which is appropriate for modern-themed projects.

Because of its satin feel, a honed finish is ideal for indoor spaces because of its satin feel and is slightly simpler to maintain than the more textured finishes. Honed Finishes are popular because they are elegant, modern, and functional in any home.

Does this Azul Limestone Fit Both the Indoor and Outdoor Flooring?

Indoor & Outdoor Flooring of Azul Limestone

Flooring durability is critical, especially when selecting a flooring surface for high-traffic areas. Fortunately, limestone is extremely durable.

It can also be treated with sealers, which can help safeguard the exterior of the tiles and keep them stain-free while also making the Flooring easier to clean.

Azul Limestone flooring can be installed both indoors and outdoors. This can create an incredibly seamless style that connects the home and garden when laid out this way. To achieve this popular look, ensure that the Azul limestone is frost resistant and that a thicker format is available. You should also think about any additional maintenance.

Similar Limestone Surfaces for Your Home:

Grey Limestone

You can get the best Limestone surfaces from




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Limestone Collections

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Limestone Flooring Long-Lasting?

Limestone is difficult to understand as it's both hard and soft. It is more durable than natural stones such as travertine but gentler than granite and marble.

  • Is it Difficult to Maintain Limestone Floors?

Limestone flooring requires little maintenance, making it an excellent choice for the residence and commercial and public spaces.

  • Is the Limestone Flooring Slick?

Because they are stain and moisture-resistant, limestone floor tiles seem popular in entryways, bathrooms, and patios, but they can be quite slippery when wet.

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