Pink Travertine Cross-Cut; Put Back the House's Prosperity

Pink Travertine Cross-Cut; Put Back the House's Prosperity

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Pink Travertine Cross-Cut is a rare and elegant red-pink Travertine stone that is precious due to its rareness. The surface screams a blushing pink and red with a wavy beige pattern reminding you of water rippled down from the mountains. They are most durable, with a facet polished and lucid. They are descendants of limestone and continue to have a part of it. Pink travertine is a natural stone. Cross-Cut defines as when a stone slab is split crosswise, the tiny grains are exposed outside, exhibiting floral, elliptic, and cloud-burst-like patterns. This is rare and not seen in every stone.

It is used for kitchen and bathroom walls, floors, surrounds, gardens, patios, pavements, outdoors, and sometimes worktables. It is hard, thick, and probably available as a 20MM slab.

Let's see how this Pink Travertine Cross-Cut works on your inner sides.

Neutral Pink Travertines for Pink Home Surrounds

Neutral Pink Travertine

Pink is not only a girly shade but is also a perfect colour for pastel house interiors and inner sides. Craze for Travertine is never ending, and people claim this pretty stone due to its colour, pattern, texture, wear-resistant, non-corrosiveness, and impact resistivity. This exquisite stone is highly demanded in floors, walls, backsplashes, upstands, and many other surrounds in the house.

Shower Surrounds

This neutral pink cross-cut Travertine nurtures the bathroom walls, laundry ways, shower walls, backer boards, and bathroom panellings.

Living Room and Kitchen Surrounds

Certainly, the stones are non-slippery, befitting high-traffic areas like entryways, living areas, kitchen floors, and stairs. Usually accompanied by white or pale pink decors and furnishings.

Pool Surrounds

Deck up your blue pools and sides using these wonderful Travertine cross-cuts. These jumbo slabs will be more germane for turkey-styled pools.

Scandinavian Styled Travertine Cross-Cut for Simple Homesteads

The Scandinavian-styled house contains a magical look to it. The concept includes,

  • Fresh, bright natural sunlight

  • Ample room space

  • Simple and keen visuals

  • Plain but optimistic furniture

Styling this will be easy with a well classified Pink Travertine Cross Cut floors and walls with a little touch of wooden swings, wooden stools, a glass tea table, or woven wicker chairs on the sides. Let's place a large ceramic krater near the sofas for an extra gewgaw. A large open window lights the whole house when the sunset hits from the west.

Doll up your small Scandinavian-styled Pink Travertine homesteads and cottages with us.

How to Lay this Travertine Cross-Cut for an L - Shaped Kitchen?

L Shaped Kitchen

Any themed kitchen interiors with this Travertine cross-cut are perfect for flooring as they are durable and moist-free. For rustic-styled L-shaped grey or white kitchens and cabinets, this Travertine cross-cut flooring is marvelous that attunes the place upon administration.

Start by measuring your L-shaped Kitchen. Contact our experts to get your curated and right-cut slabs for your L-shaped Kitchen with the right size, shape, colour, and category, and let us help you with the whole installations and fabrications processes. Get a free quote and start working on your dream kitchen.

Pink Cross Cut for a Peaceful Bedroom

Pink, particularly light pink, stands for soft gentleness. It has a relaxing, friendly tone that elevates your daily day mood, So if you are thinking of giving your master bedroom a healthy revamp, then think about putting some bright Pink Cross Cut Travertine.

It can be imposed on walls, floors, headboards, mood boards, and your royal luxe cot frames or bedframes.

A pink surface with white light defines a pure statement of art. Visualize having a white bed, pillows, covers, and blankets with deliberately done pink travertine walls and floors, sheer lights, and backlights, which has always been a banging combo.

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Style Your Outdoor Terrace with this Cross Cut Travertine

Style your outdoor terrace into a nice Sunday picnic spot. This remarkable Travertine cross cut can be more apt for an outdoor terrace, garden floors, and pavements. Putting steel or colorful wooden chairs beside a picnic table on the Pink Travertine surface makes them a bed of roses.

This small spot could be customized for future family parties, birthdays, and important events.

Pastel Pink Cross Cut for Powder Rooms

Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are also referred to as half-bath or occasionally service bathrooms. A toilet, sink, and mirror are typically found in powder rooms. An under-sink cabinet may store supplies like soap, hand towels, and toilet paper.

Power up your usual powder rooms into an extraordinary place using this Travertine for grounds, dressing tables, walls, and behind a white-looking mirror.

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Frequently Asked Q&A

  • What is the Most Popular Travertine Color?

Travertine stones mostly come in Beige and cream shades. It also has many rare and unique colours like pink, grey, yellow, ivory, pale brown, tan, orange, and light blue.

  • What is Special about Travertine?

Travertine is a durable and sturdy stone with a non-slippery feature, making it a special surface material. It can be applied to indoor and outdoor floors, walls, backsplashes, patios, gardens, pavements, pools, and decks.

  • Is Travertine a Stone or Marble?

Travertine is parted from limestone; people always confuse it with marble due to its similar surface effect. However, both are different and do not have the same kind of surface.

  • What is Vein-Cut or Cross-Cut Travertine?

The vein cut and the cross-cut slab have quite different designs; the vein cut has simple straight lines, while the cross-cut has hole patterns, and that's how one differs from the other.

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