Unique Characteristics of Brown Wave Granite; A Closer Look

Unique Characteristics of Brown Wave Granite; A Closer Look

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Brown Wave Granite has irregular, light Brown, and grey veins that come in a wavy pattern to establish a beautiful appearance for any worktops installed for your home decorations. This natural stone originated in India. A polished finish type is present in this stone. It has a length of 2850mm & Width of 1800mm. Thickness is 20mm. It applies to various applications like Kitchen Worktops, Breakfast Bars, Kitchen Island, Island waterfall, Vanity Tops, Backsplashes, Fireplaces, Flooring purposes, Staircases, Table Tops, Bar tops and so on. Let us help you with our experts' ideas on incorporating these interior designs into action.

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Brown Wave Granite comes with Wavy Light brown and grey veins all over the stone that stands unique when installed. It gives you a versatile look and unique texture that attracts customers. Avoid using string and harmful chemicals, acid-based cleaners,… read more


Brown Wave Granite for Modern Kitchen Worktop:

Brown Wave Granite for Modern Kitchen Worktop

The Kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that is used the most, and for a good cause. Homeowners today prefer more opulent and contemporary kitchens. Natural stone, impeccable cabinetry, chic backsplashes, and lovely carpeting are all characteristics of a luxurious kitchen. And Brown Wave Granite Worktops set the standard for luxury whether you're planning a new kitchen or remodelling an old one. Recently, dark-coloured kitchens have become more and more fashionable. Choose Brown Wave Granite for your modern Kitchen. Try this example for your interiors: Pendant lights complete a wide island resembling a bar, bringing the entire space together.

Top 5 Brown Granite Countertop Ideas for You!

Top 5 Brown Granite Countertop Ideas for You

Kitchens all over the nation frequently have Brown Wave Granite countertops. They are still a high-quality material that increases the value of a home even though they aren't as prevalent as 20 to 30 years ago. If you're concerned that your home's Brown Wave Granite countertops are beginning to appear dated, some quick fixes, like putting in a new backsplash and updating, can help give them a new look. Try out these amazing 5 amazing countertop ideas in your house:


Let your Brown Wave Granite highlight your Kitchen by keeping your backsplash basic. Think about using a backsplash made of plain subway tiles in a colour that complements your worktop. The Brown Wave Granite can also serve as your splashback.


With white or contemporary coloured cabinetry, Brown Wave Granite looks fantastic. You can install it on both sides of the cabinet for an elegant touch. Pair it with cream or wood cabinets if you want a traditional or rustic appearance.

Two-Tone Cabinets

This Brown Granite is one of the best choices for contemporary kitchens. Two-tone cabinets that are white on the bottom and Brown Granite on top appear stunning.

Kitchen Island

An excellent Granite for upscale or country-style kitchens is Brown Wave Granite. Because it makes a statement, you can keep the rest of the decor straightforward. Brown Granite counters are fantastic because they go with any colour of island or cupboard.

Dark Flooring

Brown Wave Granite is appropriate for contemporary to rustic kitchen designs. The most preferred option is a big island with exposed shelving and dark Flooring. This compact countertop allows it to easily accommodate this area without dominating the rest of your Kitchen.

Everlasting Brown Wave Granite Kitchen Upstand:

Everlasting Brown Wave Granite Kitchen Upstand

An upstand is a border piece of material that rests upright at the rear of your worktop against the wall. It is typically made of the same Brown Granite as your kitchen worktop. Choosing the right colour is one of the major roles in the Kitchen remodelling process. We suggest you go with dark shades. You can opt for Brown Wave Granite for a more classy look and long-lasting.

Take a casual look at our Brown Coloured Collections for inspiration!

Brown Staircase for Luxurious Appearance:

Brown Staircase for Luxurious Appearance

The backbone of any house is its staircases. They connect the rooms and stories in a home and are frequently the first area visitors see as they enter. Because of this, stairs must be both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Staircases ought to receive the same level of aesthetic thought and polish as the rest of the house due to their elevated, shall we say, position within a house.

  • A simple and elegant design choice is an angled wooden stairway if you enjoy keeping things simple.

  • Small brown Granite duplexes are ideal for open staircases without railings because they maximise the use of available rooms. However, installing this design should be done carefully if you have children.

  • The design of the steps in a duplex house that is the most traditional makes extensive use of the hues of white and brown. You can choose high-quality white risers and this Brown Granite treads to match your home's modern style.

  • Using floating steps in the design of the staircase is incredibly trendy. It gives your steps a hypnotic touch and the impression that you are floating.

  • The ideal Brown Granite stairs design for a duplex house would entail converting the area under the stairs into a covert storage unit if you wanted to maximise the storage space in your home. You can make the space resemble stair-shaped cabinets.

Decorate Your Bathroom with this Brown Granite for Chic Look:

Decorate Your Bathroom with this Brown Granite for Chic Look

When you hear the term "brown," what comes to mind? A delectable treat made of dark chocolate? a gorgeous wooden cabinet, perhaps? Maybe gorgeously rich leather comes to mind? Regardless of your response, the colour brown does evoke thoughts of wealth, luxury, and style. The colour palette you choose for your bathroom will significantly impact its atmosphere. Brown is the first colour you should consider, regardless of whether you want to create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere or tend towards something bold.

If you have a room this size to work with, you might want to pick a Brown Wave Granite for one of the walls and combine it with lighter tones to give the space a clear, bold appearance. This theme is reflected in bathroom tiles, demonstrating how various brown hues can coexist on both a small and large scale.

Wavy Patterned Stones for Contemporary Kitchens & Bathroom Countertops:

Wavy Patterned Stones for Contemporary Kitchens & Bathroom Countertops




Fantasy Brown Granite is really distinctive natural stone . Numerous names for this stunning stone include Canyon Dawn, Brown Fantasy Granite, Fantasy Brown Marble, Fantasy Brown Dolomite, and Fantasy Brown Quartzite. This igneous stone has a long, distinguished history. Fantasy… read more





Brown Amber Granite slabs offer a touch of natural elegance to interior settings with their light brown veins and patterns on top of the bronze brown backdrop. The pattern of Brown Amber granite varies from slab to slab such that… read more




£318.00 £323.80

Bianco Kinawa Dark Granite, from Brazil, has a durable surface covered in exquisite waves and gradients. A sea wave-like pattern is created in the Bianco Kinawa granite by a background colour of grey combined with white and light grey patches.… read more


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Dark-Coloured Kitchens no Longer Fashionable?

Although all brown can be too weighty, brown kitchens will never go out of style. Instead, plan a brown counter with lighter or coloured cabinets or a brown one with lighter ones.

  • Why Do We Use Upstands in Kitchens?

Kitchen upstands are made to block off the space between your work surface and the wall. A lot of the daily spills and mess are caught by an upstand, ensuring no liquid seeps behind the cabinets. They are ideal for hiding a gap caused by the expansion of timber worktops or an uneven wall surface.

  • Is Brown Wave Granite the Finest Choice for a Kitchen?

A remarkable amount of durability can be found in this Brown Granite, making it ideal for high-traffic kitchens. Being close to a cooktop or quickly setting a hot pan down won't damage the surface because the material is heat-resistant. Likewise, granite won't be easily scratched because it is incredibly hard.

  • Do Brown Granite Worktops Require Upkeep?

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep this Brown Granite appearing beautiful. To safeguard your investment in the Granite, you'll need to do more than sanitise it. Although it's not always feasible to remove stains, it is possible. Quick stain removal will yield the finest outcomes.

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