An Economical Guide to an Exquisite Kitchen

An Economical Guide to an Exquisite Kitchen

Kevin Moses

 The fuel to every person's happiness: food; is stored in a kitchen. So we gotta agree that even if life is created in a bedroom, it is certainly lived in a kitchen. Hence, It is undeniable that every homeowner would want to invest mindfully in creating a proper outlook of a place that nourishes the heart of both its family and its guests.

While designing a kitchen unlike other spaces of a home one must pay attention to the choice of materials that suit the hygiene purposes alongside the aesthetic point of view, which might usually result in a very high budget plan. So this is where practicality hits a common man as no matter what one`s wishlist is, execution ultimately depends on their capability of expenditure. 

 However, with sufficient guidance on kitchen design planning, one can drastically minimise the expenses without necessarily having to purchase cheap worktops. The choice of the right materials is just as important as the ability to financially invest in the same, if not more.  This means if a person has enough knowledge on what they are looking for, they can cleverly create an exquisite look under a much lesser budget-friendly scheme. 

Key points to consider when on a mission to create a high-end kitchen under restrained pockets

Estimating a budget plan:

Setting a realistic budget prior to investment is a very important aspect which shouldn't be overlooked. According to NKBA, a proper guide to setting one`s kitchen budget while planning a new one should look like- 29% cabinets and hardware, 17% installation, 14% appliances and ventilation, 10% countertops, 7% flooring, 5% walls and ceilings, 5% lighting, 5% faucets and plumbing, 4% doors and windows, 4% design fees and 1% miscellaneous.

Opting for composite or engineered kitchen-countertops: 

 These engineered countertops although not at par with natural stones, they are impressively   resistant against heat and stain. They can almost replicate the intrinsic character and sparkle of granite and stones. And if properly maintained, they can last for a very long time in a household. One can even go for the mix and matching technique where one can use both expensive and inexpensive buys in such a way that the former occupies the areas on display while the latter covers up for other units. 

Being on a budget however must not mean hiring inexperienced fabricators to compromise on cost. The short term result might be tempting but doing so will only increase the future risk thus being more in a loss than at an advantage. However, if one is confident enough in their skills, DIY-ing the fittings will drastically reduce the cost of expenditure.

Reusing and recycling materials: 

while extending or renovating one always has the option to think about how some materials from the previous space can be given a second life. Worktops can be altered to fit a new plan, cupboard doors can be fitted to the kitchen and given a fresh look by repainting, and old appliances can be sold on to help contribute towards pitching in some money for purchasing new ones.


Renovating a floor on a tight budget doesn't necessarily mean that one doesn't care about durability or looks. Ideally, one will still want a decent lifespan and great finish even if it's the cheapest kitchen floor out there. To avail this best possible combination of durability, style, and affordability, consider laminate and vinyl flooring designs. They mimic wood and tile flooring convincingly enough.


Light fixtures are easy and impactful and one of the easiest ways to upgrade a room's look. Impeccable lighting not only makes the room look stunning but also provides effective task lighting to make the space easier and more enjoyable to use. If the plan is to introduce new lighting to an existing kitchen, one can try using battery-operated LED spotlights and strips that don’t need wiring in. Installing them over worktops, under cabinets and inside open or glass-fronted cupboards can create an expensive appearance.

Colour details: 

Choosing the right colour of paints has the potential to drastically change the outlook.  For example just visualise a completely white kitchen worktops. Done? Now similarly, a black kitchen. You can't deny that both would bring out completely different aesthetic values.  Colour is one of the best ways to inject personality into a space but it's important to get the proportions right. For a guaranteed unregretted approach, you can choose neutral tones for the structural elements that are more costly and difficult to replace, including cabinets, floors, kitchen countertops, and appliances. Then introduce colour with less-expensive updates to the walls, backsplash, window treatments, lighting, and other accents. With this strategy, you can easily and affordably swap out your colour scheme as your tastes and popular trends change. 

Creating interest: 

One unique way to enhance the design is by introducing an interesting element to catch the eye and provide a focal point.

Decorating walls: 

Attractive wallpapers add a sense of style to the kitchen. It is a great way to freshen up a room without needing to do a lot of work or spending much money. In a rental property one can try vinyl wall decals or temporary wallpaper. However, overdoing the work in the hype of excitement will make it worse than doing good. 

Open shelving: 

One can utilize an empty wall for open shelves. It adds more storage and creates a display area. Go for a decorative or contrasting shelf to add character. Keeping the shelves clear of clutter and using them as a design piece to show off styled arrangements of recipe books, beautiful objects and interesting pieces is always recommended.

Upgrading cabinet doors:

Replacing the cabinet doors is a simple way to give the appearance a brand-new look. As long as the units are standard size and the main framework is in good condition, one can just swap the doors without having to worry about the worktop, splashback, plumbing or electrics. Another simple way to upgrade the units is to replace the handles. Vintage cabinets can be given a modification to look contemporary, or vice versa with this simple trick. Similarly,  cheap, basic looking handles can be replaced with beautiful handmade ceramic knobs or adding stylish leather door pull can upgrade the kitchen’s chic factor.