Is my kitchen looking for an update?

Is my kitchen looking for an update?

Andrew Dibble

Imagine yourself trying to squeeze into your favorite pair of skinny jeans from a decade back. As lovely as you looked in the past, your current self isn’t gonna want that torture, right? I`m pretty sure your style must have been updated as of now. But even if you're confident about your style transcending time zones, you're bound to look for a new pair to fit in for reasons obvious enough. 

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The point is, if our personal needs and likings can change over time, so can the outlook of our homes. 

If you’ve been hooked up on the dilemma of should you or should you not yet begin your kitchen renovation/remodelling for quite a while now, we're here to clear that fog for you.

 Some basic points to help you decide:

Worn-out outlook: with the kitchen being one of the busiest spaces in a home, it's very likely that your work surface goes through a lot of frictions and collisions. Clumsy mishandlings, stressful cooking situations, tight schedules are all contributors towards these. According to remodelling professionals, a kitchen must be remodelled every 10-15 years, since this is the amount of time it generally takes to show signs of wear and tear, here and there. Besides this designated tenure, if you’ve been noticing broken cabinet doors, handles, sink, faucet, pipelines, appliances, floor, backsplash, kitchen island and anything else your space accommodates, it's never not the right time to plan out a renovation.


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Non-functional space:

if your kitchen was designed 15 years back, it is obvious that the technology used back then must have come a long way now. With some updated versions of tools in the market that suit your current requirements, you might want to improve the functionality of your area. In simple words, you might want to make your space more usable with advanced appliances that help you minimize your work-time and keep up with your busy schedule.

Compact working space:

with the change in your family size over time or with more appliances purchased, your space might have become unbreathable in your current situation. In this case, do not think twice, just go for it. After all, what's all the effort in life you do daily for…a comfortable living, right? 

Mismatched workflow:

According to experts, a well-designed one should have 3 important work zones; refrigerator, stove and sink built in such a way that it creates a smooth workflow. The activities connected with food storage, preparation, cooking serving, and clean-up must allow the cook to work with ease while providing enough space between them to avoid crowding in the kitchen. So, if yours has been haphazard these past years, you know exactly what to look for. Tell your fabricator that you want this concept “Kitchen Work Triangle’’ to exist post-renovation.

Inadequate lighting:

good lighting in a kitchen is very necessary to ensure safety, cleanliness, and ease of visibility for all activities carried out in a kitchen. Working under improper or dull lighting could give rise to health problems like damaged eyesight, headaches etc. You definitely do not want any of these.  Plus, you do not want to be rummaging through every corner of your cabinets, ranting at spices because insufficient lighting is delaying your favourite recipe.

Wanting a new look:

even if your kitchen is totally functional, it is completely okay to go for a renovation if you want a new look. Looking at the same designs, day and night might have gotten your monotonous life even more boring. Given you have some budget in your savings, you are just one call away from contacting the stores. If under a restrained budget, some research on DIYs can get you there too!