Bianco  Carrara Venato – The tale of a  White  Marble -

Bianco Carrara Venato – The tale of a White Marble

Marble in  nature is categorised as re-crystallised  limestone. Its natural  beauty is perfect for both  modern and  traditional looks. Bianco Carrara is an archetypal light patterned, pure white marble excavated in Carrara, Tuscany- central  Italy. This white marble is featuring shades of whites and  grey. Bianco Carrara is especially good for  exterior,  interior wall and  floor applications, sculptures,  countertops, mosaic,  fountains, pool and wall capping and other  design projects. Bianco Carrara marble is available in a variety of finishes including  honed,  polished and tumbled.

Natural stones and marbles invite a treat with fantasy architecture. Their compendium is eclectic and tangible. Our creation of decorative stones & marbles is a representation of adherence to patronage. Stalwartly, we bring stones of dreams to existence. 

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