Fossil  Black  Marble: The  Beginning of alluring creation -

Fossil Black Marble: The Beginning of alluring creation

Sammy Chris

Allowing yourself a voyage through the most precious marbles in the world, being enchanted by its colour, games of light and patterns makes Fossil Black looks like a decorative material. Fossil Black marble is a very original marble, extracted in quarries of North Africa. It is a metamorphic rock, linked to exposure to high temperatures and pressures suffered during the years in which the material was present in nature, it shows a great natural crystallisation of calcium carbonate and, for certain species in the world, it is also rich of fossils as various species of the AMMONITES and the NAUTILUS. The use of marble in the construction industry has always been considered an element of enlightened, stylishness, brightness, both for internal and external environments.

Black Decorative marble tiles. Fossil marble is itself a decorable material. Its natural beauty is made use of, by creating magnificent patterns on the already glossy surface when making tiles out of them. Given to the hands of technology at factories, Decorative marble tiles turn into man made Marvels that are value lattering. 

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