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Bathroom Countertops play such an important role in our lives that we forget how helpful they are. We start our day in the bathroom by showering, shampooing our hair, taking a soothing hot water bath, and emptying out bowels. Remember, a good bathroom hour is where great ideas hit us. These might look like any other routine, but one must know that these ordinary habits genuinely impact our mood throughout the day. Learn more

A good beginning might not guarantee a great ending, but somebody said, "A good start is half the work done". So, yeah, it's time we give back the love our bathrooms have given us all this while in the form of a good renovation to our bathroom worktops and other necessary updates. Remember that when you invest in your bathroom    countertops, you are also increasing the value of your home. So, it's a win-win. Many give ideas for bathroom worktops, but things to consider before investing in one is a mandatory part of the purchase process; you can't disagree.

Bathroom Countertops Installation

While installing a bathroom counter, ensuring that the right sealants have been used during the process is essential. A sealant will protect joints from water ingress; some exceptionally good adhesives will not only do so but also deter mould growth and bacteria, ultimately keeping your space looking newer for a longer period. While handing over a responsibility like this, you must get a background check of who you hire and how experienced they are. Work-tops helps homeowners get quotes for bathroom worktops, bathroom flooring, and installations for any selected product from our registered KBB network of fabricators who have the experience of installation and knowledge of the product to give the best results. Our KBB network can offer planning, designing, and implementation of the design that perfectly suits to create your dream home. Now, let us see more about bathroom countertops.

How Is A Bathroom Countertops Different From A Kitchen Worktop?

Though the material and installation options are fairly the same, consider some aspects of how Worktops will be employed in different situations.

Unlike the kitchen, where they are generally kept dry at most times, a restroom is an entirely different environment. Rather than marks from crockery and glassware or unattended spillage, a restroom faces more potentially terrific threats.

Water damage, which can come in a lot of ways, possesses the capability to destroy laminate worktops or those made of solid wood that were most generally seen in homes until recently. The bare use of common cleaning products can also discolour them. Now, just roughly calculate the nuances these bathroom furniture sets may bring you.

It's a given fact that bathroom countertops are comparatively strenuous to maintain and keep clean. Your wide range of toiletries, from hair tonics to lotions, mouthwash to bath oil and several hygiene products, are among some regular miscreants that can make your work surface messy. Besides these, flooding and plumbing leaks are also matters of concern.

To liberate homeowners from inconveniences like these, work-tops has developed a wide range of natural materials on its website to suit a vast range of bathroom and kitchen designs. Natural stone worktops are extremely immune to the risks mentioned above and alike. Waterproof sealants can be applied regularly or whenever necessary to ensure continued protection.

Things To Consider When Planning For A Bathroom Worktops And Vanity Tops


The thickness of bathroom countertops can be used to boost the look of your chosen decor and add a characteristic feature to your counter space, whether you want a quirky look or a basic design. If you're looking for a contemporary style outlook, choose stone slabs with thinner profiles of 22mm, whereas if vintage or classic is more of your scheme, then bulkier profiles of 28mm width are recommended.


Ensuring you get the right counter length for your washroom is vital to prevent unnecessary wastage of materials. The optimum length can also reduce the number of joins required during fitting to create a seamless effect. Joins are often the vulnerable points that permit water penetration, so the fewer there are, the more likely your worktop will last longer.

Water Resistance

An important rule when planning a bathroom countertops is to consider how hot and wet the room will get, as the accumulation of water over time will create dampness that can cause counters to become distorted and damaged. Stone counters are rigid and naturally water-resistant due to their non-porous construction. If you intend to go for laminate worktops, looking out for the P2 rating, which signifies that a water blockade is included in its fundamental manufacturing process, is important. Bathroom countertops are also liable to be easily destroyed by hot air and haze that rises from showers and hot baths. If there is no proper ventilation in your existing space, you should opt for a solid surface. The benefits are that they are durable, naturally resistant to heat, and have incomparable aesthetics that will make your space look good for years to come; they have a long-lasting style.


Washrooms are one of the most susceptible places in a home that are hot spots for harbouring microorganisms and further spread after that. You do not want a space where germs are lingering. So, when planning bathroom countertops, choosing a non-porous worktop material is very important. The smooth surface of laminates makes them easier to wipe. Wooden worktops are not a good choice as they are greatly affected by humidity and heat. They expand when it is high and contract when opposite. This highly porous nature lets in water and germs altogether. Unlike these, in the case of stone worktops, the counter is non-porous, and microbes cannot penetrate the core, thus keeping your countertop alive for a long time.

Bathroom Remodelling Project

If you're remodelling your bathroom countertops, you must pick a theme first. You can choose stunning AZUL PALOMINO QUARTZITE, ARMANI GOLD GRANITE or white sparkle worktops, among many. Suppose you're looking for vibrant colours to add life to your living space. In that case, you have a wide range of colours like red, green, golden, yellow, blue, and many other colour schemes from our collection, which can be chosen from high-quality Marble worktops, Granite worktops, Quartz worktops, etc.