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Carrara Marble Worktops are popular across the globe for its inherent properties, which have enabled the creation of great works of art, historical monuments, and significant buildings. Among the artists most captivated by the beauty of white carrara marble is Michelangelo, who used to travel to the Apuan Alps (where Carrara marble slabs are extracted) to select the best material to sculpt with. Because of the presence of Carrara marble, many sculptures, such as Michelangelo's David and Pieta, as well as many other works of art created by the equally famous Bernini, Canova, and Donatello, have been created. Learn more

Origin Of Carrara Marble

Like other kinds of marble, Carrara marble is a metamorphic rock made up of microscopic calcium carbonate crystals. This rock formed due to metamorphism, which means that the former stone has an entirely new crystalline structure due to high pressure and temperature variations, resulting in a fundamentally changed rock. In the case of Carrara Marble, the original stone was similar to the current lime soil of extensive coral reefs in tropical oceans. The transformation occurred during the Early Jurassic period (190 million years ago), when large parts of today's North Tuscany were flooded, resulting in the deposition of lime sediment on the sea floor and forming a carboniferous platform.

Choose Worktops Carrara Marble:

Timeless Elegance

Carrara marble's classic white background with delicate grey veining exudes a timeless and sophisticated charm. Its beauty has been admired for centuries, ensuring your Carrara Marble Worktops kitchen remains stylish and relevant for many generations.


Worktops made of Carrara Marble seamlessly complement various kitchen styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic. Its soft and subtle patterns adapt effortlessly to any design vision, making it a versatile choice for kitchen renovations.

Unique Aesthetics

Each Carrara Marble slab is unique, with its distinct veining patterns and colour variations. This exclusivity adds character and a sense of luxury to your marble kitchen space, making it stand out.


Marble worktops are durable and robust stone. With proper care and maintenance, Carrara marble worktops will withstand the demands of a busy kitchen and retain their beauty for decades.

Heat Resistance

Marble Carrara worktops have excellent heat resistance properties, making it an ideal surface for baking and cooking. When you place hot pans and pots directly on the worktop there will be less fuss as compared to quartz worktops. We still recommend you to use trivets so you go about without worrying about damage.

Carrara Marble Worktop Price:

These elegant marble surfaces make your home look stylish and sophisticated when installed on your Living room flooring, walls, vanity tops and many more. You can contact our experts for the best quote for your place, and they will assist you with the price and the estimate. We have huge collections of stones available in Carrara Marble as you can see above.

Finishes Of Carrara Marble Worktop:


Polished Carrara marble is the most common and classic finish. Its glossy, mirror-like surface enhances the stone's natural beauty, making it appear more vibrant and colourful. The polished finish reflects light, creating an elegant and luxurious ambience. This finish is commonly used for countertops, wall cladding, and decorative elements.


Honed Carrara marble has a smooth, matte surface that lacks the shine of polished marble. The honing process removes the high-gloss finish, revealing a softer, more velvety texture. This finish highlights the stone's natural colours and subtle veining, offering a more understated and relaxed look. Honed Carrara marble is commonly used for flooring, bathroom surfaces, and areas where a less reflective appearance is desired.

Carrara Marble Patterns Available At

Veiny Marble

The veins in Carrara marble are one of its most recognizable characteristics. These veins are natural mineral deposits that form when the marble is created during the geological process. The veins can range from light grey to darker shades of grey and even gold or brown. They typically have a meandering or irregular pattern, giving each slab its unique and artistic appearance. The veins can be delicate and subtle or bold and dramatic, depending on the specific variety of Carrara marble.

Light Veins

Light veins are a variation of the more prominent and contrasting veins commonly seen in Carrara marble. As the name suggests, these veins are lighter in colour compared to the marble's background, creating a more subdued and delicate look. Light veins are often preferred for a softer, more elegant aesthetic, especially in applications where a calmer and less busy appearance is desired.


Carrara marble refers to the overall texture and appearance of the stone's surface. Carrara marbles that have a fine-grained texture, are a result of relatively small and densely packed mineral particles. This fine-grained texture contributes to the marble's smooth and elegant appearance, making it a popular choice for various interior design applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Carrara Marble Easily Scratched?

Handle your Carrara marble countertops with care. Use chopping boards instead of directly cutting onto the Carrara Marble Worktops.

  • Is Carrara Marble Long-Lasting?

Carrara Marble kitchen worktops are one of the most long lasting and enduring kitchens. Created by nature under extreme conditions, using Carrara ensures your kitchen will withstand the test of time.

  • Can I Use Carrara Marble For Bathroom Vanity?

Carrara Marble vanity tops are one of our bestsellers. Homeowners love the look and feel of Carrara bathrooms and so do we!!