Bianco Rhino Marble; Classic Tops with Stunning Veins

Bianco Rhino Marble; Classic Tops with Stunning Veins

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White marble with subtle veining of gold and grey, Bianco Rhino Marble is opulent and fashionable. Any use of this elegant natural stone in a master bathroom is great. It works well for fireplace mantels as well. Any room in which it is installed may also experience a sense of light and life. This natural stone has several benefits, including the ability to raise the value of your house in addition to its attractive appearance. Since marble is one of the most sought-after natural stones in the world, all varieties will offer this advantage. Given that these are but a few of its advantages, Bianco Rhino marble is unquestionably among the greatest selections available. Making the decision to use this stone to complete your home renovation project may out to be one of the best investments you ever make for it.




Bianco Rhino Marble is a prestigious and elegant marble with soft gold and grey veining. It is a chic whitish uniformly coloured marble extracted in Namibia. The use of this marble adds a sense of elegance and good taste to… read more


Characteristics of White Mable:

Characteristics of White Mable

The same qualities that make marble ideal for sculpture and other practical uses can also make it more prone to etching, staining, and scratching. Marble is frequently used in sculpture because it has a Mohs hardness rating of 3, making it a "soft" stone. This means that marble countertops in the kitchen are more likely to scratch and scuff than other materials like granite or quartz. Additionally, marble is a porous stone, making it more vulnerable to stains from abrasive cleaners or acidic substances. When we discuss marble upkeep farther down, we'll address these concerns.

Because marble is found in deposits that can be hundreds of feet deep and is typically cut out of mountains in gigantic slabs, it is perfect for large applications like kitchen countertops. Every marble countertop, backsplash, and tabletop is genuinely one-of-a-kind because each slab is distinct and there is a lot of variance from one segment to the next. Additionally, the bright colour of the traditional white marble provides the kitchen a sparkling, fresh appearance and can enliven a room with insufficient natural light.

Bianco Rhino Marble Finish:

Bianco Rhino Marble finish


Marble can be polished to achieve the recognisable shine that brings out the stone's brilliant whites and glitter. This is the most preferred choice since it makes the stone look more opulent and is simpler to maintain. However, polished marble is more likely to display streaks, scuffs, scratches, and etches, so your marble may become more noticeable over time as your kitchen wears on it.

Try out these Applications on White Marble Worktop:

Try out these applications on White Marble Worktop

Bar Top

As it probably won't be subjected to as much traffic, your kitchen's separate wet bar section is another great location for marble. However, keep in mind that you'll frequently encounter red wine and citrus juice at the bar, so use caution! Think of creating a sophisticated tray or safety mat.

Kitchen Island

Stunning marble countertops are the perfect way to create a statement with an oversized kitchen island, which is now in style. Choose an unexpectedly vibrant pattern to contrast the remainder of the kitchen's monochromatic cabinets and countertops.


Another ideal application for displaying marble's characteristic veining is vertical surfaces like kitchen backsplashes. You can choose complementary designs, bookmatch various stones, or match your backsplash to your countertops.

Does Rhino Marble Deals with Stains Easily?

Does Rhino Marble Deals with stains easily

Unfortunately, it's still possible for your marble countertop to stain even with careful attention and routine cleaning. These stains must be cleaned right away. Cooking oil stains can be eliminated using a mild cleanser or a few drops of ammonia. A modest amount of hydrogen peroxide or ammonia can be used to get rid of organic stains that come from food or beverages like coffee and tea.

While most stains may be cleaned with ammonia, peroxide, and mild detergents, some may require manual removal. Using a razor, paint spots must frequently be removed gently. With steel wool, water stains and watermarks can be removed. To keep your marble countertops looking fantastic for many years to come, make sure to get rid of stains before they turn into permanent fixtures on the countertop.

Pick the Best Familiar Stones:

Pick the best familiar stones

Choose these familiar marble stones for the best output




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