Mink Classico Quartz; Mulitipurpose Quartz Slab at Best Price

Mink Classico Quartz; Mulitipurpose Quartz Slab at Best Price

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A flawless brownstone with a brilliant surface, Mink Classico Quartz is particularly versatile in terms of design and use. It is available in slabs with typical sizes and polished surfaces. We offer these Mink Classico Quartz Worktops in two different thicknesses: 20 mm and 30 mm quartz kitchen worktops. If you want something cosy and warm for your kitchen worktops, the Mink Classico Quartz is the best choice. In addition to kitchens and baths, it is a fantastic alternative for many business and official settings because of its non-porousness, stain resistance, moisture resistance, and excellent durability.




Mink Classico Quartz is a flawless brown stone with a dazzling surface that is very adaptable in terms of design and use. It comes in polished finishes and comes in slabs that are standard sizes. There are 2 distinct thicknesses… read more


Quartz has Benefits that Make It a Top Choice for the Reception Counter:

Quartz has benefits that make it a top choice for the reception counter

Elegant Finish

Luxurious hotel lobbies and reception areas are frequently made of quartz. A surface's alluring gloss or polished stone's cool touch can instantly convey an expensive vibe. Due to its beauty and durability, quartz can improve the atmosphere of any high-design room. Due to its stain resistance and ease of maintenance, it is perfect for public areas where spreading germs is constantly a concern. Visitors will always enjoy a spotless surface.

Easily Maintained

The most hygienic and simple to maintain material is quartz. They don't have pores or surface cavities like other materials, which can trap dirt and bacteria. Since they are nonporous and resistant to foods and liquids, they don't require sealing, buffing, polishing, or resealing.

Suits Various Designs

Quartz has a wide variety of styles that may be incorporated into any design, making it a designer and architect's ideal material. The most resilient material on the market, quartz is a fantastic solution for your reception counters and other high-traffic areas. It can be manufactured to resemble any stone and has a strong resilience to heat and abrasion so it will go well with practically any design theme.

Quartz Remnants; Make Use of It:

Quartz Remnants; Make use of it

Shower Vanity

Vanities for bathrooms provide additional storage space and are simple to maintain. You can use leftover slabs or offcuts from natural stone worktops that you already have in another room of your house for your bathroom. A quartz remnant is a fantastic option for a setting with frequent wetness since it is very resilient, resistant to wear and tear from heavy use, and less porous than other natural stones.

Backsplash in the Kitchen

There are many more hues and patterns to pick from with quartz because it is a manufactured stone. Kitchen backsplashes are wonderful for updating the style and feel of your Home's interior. They also protect the wall, make cleanup simple and quick, and lessen the chance that heavy stains may damage wall paint.

Fireside Settings

Because they are natural stones, quartz and granite scraps make good fireplace surrounds because they hold heat well, keeping spaces warmer for longer. They have a distinctive appearance, are scratch-resistant, and can raise the value of your house.

Which Colour Cabinet Goes Well with Brown Quartz:

Which Colour Cabinet goes well with Brown Quartz

Green Cabinets with Brown Quartz Countertops

Green is gradually replacing other cabinet colours as the go-to option for creating tranquil areas as more homeowners yearn for quiet and serene settings. This adaptable colour gives the kitchen an earthy feel when combined with brown quartz countertops.

Brown Cabinetry and Brown Quartz Countertops

Brown cabinets are ideal for homeowners wishing to give their houses a subtle feel since they leave space for adding other colours in the kitchen. For instance, this combination looks fantastic with white appliances and a vibrant backsplash.

Cabinets with White Countertops and Brown Quartz

With this setup, homeowners may expand the kitchen without worrying it will feel cramped. Vividly coloured furniture, modern kitchen appliances, and distinctive window treatments complement dark brown quartz worktops and white cabinets.

Quartz in the Bathroom. Benefits?

Quartz in the Bathroom. Benefits

Bathroom countertops still need to be sturdy even though they aren't used as frequently as kitchen countertops. Bathrooms are naturally moist. The counter will get wet from sinks and faucets, and the room will become humid from showers and baths.

You won't have to bother sealing the countertop to prevent it from absorbing moisture if you use a nonporous material, such as quartz. Additionally, quartz is unaffected by these substances. Still, stone countertops can be damaged by things like cosmetics, toothpaste, and styling products, and solid surface counters can be damaged by heat from curling irons.

Quartz is additionally offered in a multitude of hues and designs. Quartz provides an alternative for individuals who adore the appearance of marble but don't want to cope with the potential for rust. Shows of quartz can mimic the appearance of granite, concrete, or even a dazzling white countertop.

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