Offcuts : Custom Cut & Polished Stones for Home Decor

Offcuts : Custom Cut & Polished Stones for Home Decor

Camila Alvarez


We at Work-Tops have been running our free offcut service under the name of Remnants for quite a while now. This article is for those readers that are not familiar with this word as well as those that are looking for offcuts for their projects.

What is an offcut?


Offcuts are smaller chunks of stones cut out from gigantic slabs.

In simple terms, offcuts are leftover stone materials from previous fabrication or building projects. Since they are the remaining portion of a material, they are also referred to as remnants. Besides these, offcuts are recognized by various other names in the stone industry like half cuts, half-cut slabs, off-cuts, stone left-outs, stone remnants etc.

What sizes do offcuts come in?

There is no standard size of offcuts. They can dramatically differ depending upon the situation and/or process that created them. Worktop offcuts result from the fabrication process when after the completion of installation, some part of the stone remains extra. Since quartz worktops are getting quite popular in demand amongst the homeowners, there are also a lot of quartz offcuts near me that have piled up at the stonemasons and fabricators. 

Offcuts vs full stone slabs, how are they different and where are they useful?

Complete kitchen and/or bathroom renovations include worktops, kitchen islands etc to be installed. Other cases like roofing, wall cladding, and similar other larger projects may necessitate the use of an entire slab or even more. However, there are several scenarios in which you may use only a small portion of a slab. Say, you want to build a mini pizza table for yourself, a coffee table for your condo, need a lamp or candle base, charcuterie boards, build a mantlepiece, or in a rather serious case break a small portion of your worktop/floor, etc; the list doesn’t end. In these situations an offcut might be more practical to invest on rather than buying an entire slab. 

Are offcuts available for all kinds of stones?

Since offcuts can be a result of material mishandling, fabrication of leftovers and various other reasons, there is no limit to the variety of stones for which offcuts can be available. It can be sheer luck too. Sometimes your nearest stonemason might have every worktop offcut of your desire from engineered stones like quartz worktop offcuts to those from natural stones like marble worktop offcuts. Whereas, other times it might take you months rummaging through all of your contacts looking for a particular worktop offcut trying to find the exact piece to match your existing material. 


We at work-tops have tried to minimize the problems faced by homeowners in finding the right offcut. This will especially be helpful if you are trying to find a stone that matches the existing material with an aim to fix your damaged worktops or flooring. Our Remnants page is for our registered trade members of the stone and worktop industry to display their offcut materials. This not only helps the customers match the exact stone piece but also contributes towards environmental sustainability by directing the otherwise waste material into correct use. 

A huge number of remnants are dumped into the landfills every year because people want to get rid of their piled-up stocks which are not demanded by anyone because of a lack of available information. So, this Remnant program is our contribution with an aim to minimize the hazards created by the stone industry. We do not charge any money to trade members for displaying and selling their offcuts through our website. We encourage readers of this article to be a part of this program so that we help convert somebody’s waste into another’s input. If you are interested in creating a value for your abandoned left-outs just email us and we will guide you through.