Half cut slabs

What is Remnant?

Venu Gopal

Remnant according to definitions is nothing but a left-out portion of any material after its primary purpose has been solved. In the stone industry, a remnant implies to half-cut slabs, offcuts or damaged stone slabs that are apparently not in a first-class condition and hence not favoured by customers generally.

How are Remnants or offcuts created?

Remnants can be an outcome of various situations. Sometimes they are created by damages that occur to the gigantic slabs as a result of mishandling, or in other cases, left-outs from slabs after the primary purpose of the project is completed. 

For instance, if a customer places an order for a kitchen worktops with specific dimensions, the stone slab will be fabricated into required size following the customer's kitchen template. The smaller chunks of stone slab produced as a result of this fabrication process thus become offcuts.

Offcuts can significantly differ in dimensions depending on the purpose and process that created them.

How can Remnants/halfcuts be helpful?

Projects like complete kitchen/bathroom makeover that include kitchen worktop, kitchen island, kitchen splashbacks, etc, might require an entire slab or maybe even more. But there are numerous possible situations that can arise when you would maybe need just a small fraction of a slab. Say, you want to build a mini pizza table for yourself, a coffee table for your condo, need a lamp or candle base, charcuterie boards, build a mantlepiece, or in a rather serious case break a small portion of your worktops for kitchen/ floor, etc; the list doesn’t end. Every sensible person would like to purchase the size required just enough for them rather than paying a hefty price for the entire material. So, a person in possession of remnants can sell them to someone looking for them, given there is a facility to communicate these needs. 

At work-tops, we use our platform to support customers in these situations. Fabricators wanting to get rid of their kitchen worktops offcuts near me, display them on our Remnants page. Buyers within the region looking for similar materials can thus easily find the item through our website. All our remnant service is totally free of cost.

Values of Work-tops

The passion to serve the stone industry encourages us to focus on maximizing the use of available stone resources without compromising on the quality, economy, society, and the environment. The Remnant Program is our Founder’s initiative to create an efficient and sustainable future in the Stone and Construction Industry. Besides it being our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are also supporting the UK Government’s mission, “Green Industry Revolution 2050”.

This Stone Recycling Program; a key component of modern waste reduction, saves huge masses of potential materials from being dumped in the landfills by turning somebody’s waste into another’s input. Potentially useful and rare materials are better managed and energy usage is minimized. It is an alternative to conventional waste disposal that can minimise the natural stone excavation and help lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

Join Our Remnant Program

Here, on the site, you can be a part of this CSR and contribute to managing waste reduction. This program is all free of cost.

If you possess any remnants that you wish to sell, these are the simple steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Sign up as a seller on our work-tops.com

Step 2: Upload the picture and details of the remnant including the price in the remnant listing section

Sales dashboard to upload offcuts

Please note: If you have a huge number of remnant stones and need help to bulk upload, please email us at email@work-tops.com with remnant information in CSV format.  Click here to see the sample format.

Step 3: While uploading the remnant stone make sure to select the “Remnant” tag in the stone details section >> collection section

How to add a product to our collections | work-tops


Step 4: Insert proper contact details which will be displayed to your buyer. Remember, this is the only provision for buyers to reach you directly:

How to find seller information for offcuts in work-tops


Shop: View our remnants Products

The detailed product flow/process is:

Fabricator log in/sign up as seller >> Stone >> Remnant listing >> Add Remnant slabs >> Fill in stone details >> Add Remnants images >> Tick Remnants in Collection section >> Save changes

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