Granite Vs Quartz worktops for kitchen

Which worktop is cost effective? Granite or Quartz

Venu Gopal

If you’re looking for a kitchen worktop and in a dilemma about what kind of material to use? How expensive would it be? Which will be more cost-effective? What are the practical uses? How long will it last? and What kind of maintenance is needed? If you have these questions in your mind, then we are going to explore the possible options available and also help you to make decisions to choose between Granite vs Quartz based on facts.

When your choices in selecting your worktop are limited to Granite and quartz, this article throws light into the details of these materials under a magnifying glass to choose the right worktop for you.

Granite and Quartz look alike externally but on closer inspection, the dissimilarities and the uniqueness of each worktop material can be studied

What is Granite / Quartz?

Kitchen worktop slabs

Granite slabs are natural stones formed by the cooling down of magma under the earth crust. where quartz is engineered stone produced mined from 100% natural stone and are artificially synthesised by mixing crushed quartz, polymer resin (binding agent) and colour pigments to give an aesthetically pleasing finished product. The composition is made 93% of quartz and 7% resin. Quartz are engineered stones whose composition has a major percentage of natural quartz but also has other minerals in substantial quantities. Quartz countertops are made using crushed natural quartz, colour pigment and a binding resin. Crushed quartz content can amount from 92% to 94%

Colours and Patterns

Granite worktops are unique and have an inherent beauty and elegance bestowed by nature, that never disappoints to meet the eye. The wide range of colours available in granite is useful to match the décor with the interiors.

Quartz worktops are engineered and have a larger chromatic spectrum to choose from and match with. Quartz worktops have a smooth and seamless shimmer which reflects like a mirror.

Kitchen granite worktop


Granite worktops are highly durable, and there is not a need for worry when it comes to scratches on the granite. The value of the granite will not depreciate and remains stable as the durability of the granite.

Quartz worktops are also durable and have high strength but not with a full lifetime guarantee. Quartz countertops mitigate risks of chipping or cracking due to misuse of the material. 

Kitchen Quartz worktop


Granite worktops are stain-resistant as they are sealed not to absorb liquids, the sealant must be kept intact and care should be practised. They also fare well in heat-resistant properties withstanding hot pans without causing any damage to the surface.

Quartz worktops have no risk of liquid seeping in or accidental oil spill as they are naturally non-porous material when engineered. Heated pans must be handled with care on the quartz worktop as they are subjected to crack in fracture due to the heat.


Granite worktop surfaces are easy to clean, a mild cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth go hand in hand in keeping the sheen intact that lasts longer.

Quartz worktop surfaces need a non-abrasive soap solution and a scratch-free scrubber to protect the gleam on the glassy surface of the quartz worktops for a longer period of time


Granite materials are expensive according to their availability and grade, though cheaper varieties are available. Think about it as a long term investment and choose the right material for the natural stone.

Quartz materials are available and have become affordable in recent years. They are highly preferred for the array of colours and the aesthetics they offer for a stone engineered by a man.

To wrap it up, The facts are right before you, it is always better to take a well-informed decision before making an investment, now you can choose from the options available that suit your conditions better to get your dream kitchen worktop installed. Check out both our Quartz worktop collection and Granite worktop collection before making your choice.

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