Stones of  Portugal

Stones of Portugal

Sammy Chris

Episode 1: Introduction 

Stones of  Portugal

There is a great mine that is still active within the Iberian Peninsula. ‘The mine of Panasqueira’, in Portugal. This classic site has produced five specimens for over a hundred years and it is still producing.

Apatite – (CaF), Ferberite, Arsenopyrite, Siderite, Quartz and numerous other species such as: Chalcopyrite, Sphalerite, Dolomite, Calcite, Mica, Tourmaline, Flourite, Topaz and Triplite.

Some very rare minerals include Panasqueiraite and Thadeuite. The uniqueness of these minerals is that they almost and always combine quite a few mined species. This uniqueness has made this famous mine to appeal all through the world. The mine workers, managers, admin staff, engineers and geologists are not only interested in the money from it but they are also taken by the beauty of the specimen.

The money that they could obtain from the rocks in Portuguese is called Pdras. Quite a few years ago after Portugal entered the European Union the specimens of minerals’ demands are on the rise. These mineral rocks apart, Portugal has its greater deal of other natural stones - Marble and Granite. 

Stay tuned for our next episodes of Stones of Portugal 

  1. Episode 2: Specimens produced in Iberian Peninsula- Fluorapatite, Ferberite, Pyrite, and Marcasite 
  2. Episode 3: Specimens produced in Iberian Peninsula- Arsenopyrite, Siderite, Quartz, and Fluorite
  3. Episode 4: Specimens produced in Iberian Peninsula- Cassiterite, Topaz, Galena, and Stannite
  4. Episode 5: Travel through the Marbles’ of Portugal
  5. Episode 6: Travel through the Granite of Portugal
  6. Episode 7: Travel through the Limestones and Slates of Portugal 

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