Visual Communication

Visual Communication Intern

About the job

The production team is looking for an Intern Cameraman who will join our dynamic team and work for our Digital Media Team. The candidate will mainly be responsible for planning and executing different photo and video shootings as well as coordinating pre & post-production processes.


Job Responsibilities

  • Plan & execute different video shootings for our YouTube channel
  • Work closely with Producer, Scriptwriter, video editor team to ensure brand consistency and vision
  • Determining light and camera settings 
  • An attractive portfolio of past work
  • Good time management and decision-making skills
  • Experience working with different cameras and lighting equipment
  • Good knowledge of photo editing
  • Ability to come up with innovative ideas
  • Understanding artificial and natural lighting, using Adverse knowledge in camera
  • Tricks to handle lightings
  • Owning a good camera will be beneficial.


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